About Us

TyrannoTech Industries, [Est. 2011] is a technology services company based in New York City. For more than half a decade, we have been dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to our clients. TyrannoTech provides in-home IT services to clients in the Greater New York City area and remote services and management to clients around the world.

We provide web, app and software development services, customized for you or your business's needs. We build scalable, future proof products to facilitate seamless growth of your organization. TyrannoTech also provides technology consulting to help you or your organization make the right decisions regarding infrastructure, technology managegement, security and much more.

Full Service Company

From your IT infrastructure to your website and branding, TyrannoTech covers it all. We offer design and creative services for your marketing materials and company image, integration and training services for any software we recommend or custom build, as well as data management and backup services.

When TyrannoTech builds a website for you, we can cover everything from wireframing your project to designing innovative and stunning user experiences. We can also work with whatever you have available and advise you on how to bring your current digital assets to modern standards.

Worldwide Services

No matter where you or your organization is, TyrannoTech is there for you. We offer remote management, consultation and troubleshooting services 24/7. TyrannoTech ThunderCloud Servers are also available to keep you and your organization connected with customized solutions to fit your needs.

We can develop websites and applications remotely and communicate with your organization in any timezone with our international support team. For any problems that you may have, our diverse team can communicate in over eight languages, have international business experience, and won't rest until your needs are met.

Development Services

In our era of fast-paced technological advancement, it is vital now, more than ever to be beyond the curve in our data centric society. TyrannoTech can help you or your organization get to where you need to be, from social media management to websites, applications and E-commerce solutions.


We custom code websites, web apps, mobile apps, software and more. Whether you need an app for your startup, software for your company or a website just for you, TyrannoTech will work with you to craft a custom tailored solution.


Whether you are looking for a redesign of your current website or need an interface for your project, we provide everything from branding, site identity and responsive user interface, to vectorization and graphic design services.


From existing projects to new ones we can help you create, we'll work tirelessly to ensure that your product meets security standards to prevent hacks, data leaks, spam, viruses, malware and hijacking.


Have an app idea, but don't the next step? TyrannoTech can help transform your app from a thought into a product. We work with you to map out your app, create the user interface and program the functionality on your chosen platform(s) so that you can focus on building your business.

Social Media

Many businesses have trouble catching up to today's social media outlets, but TyrannoTech will guide you through it. From creating social media profiles to helping you generate content, we will give you the ability to understand the internet of today and to target whole new markets and demographics.


E-Commerce has forever changed the way our society purchases goods and services. Whether you want to market and sell your product online, or add an online shopping portal for your existing brick-and-mortar business, TyrannoTech can walk you through the process of online payments and digital inventory systems.

IT Services

Computer and technology problems lead to unnecessary downtime for you and your organization, and most of the time, it is a hassle to bring your hardware somewhere to get the problem fixed. TyrannoTech offers both on-site and remote IT services for your home or business, so let us come to you. We service the Greater New York City area for on-site service and anywhere in the world for remote service.

Need help with something that you don't see below? Most likely, we'll be able to help you out. Let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do.


It is sometimes difficult to get to the root of any problem you may be facing, and unless the main issue is resolved, any work that is performed for your devices and infrastructure are just temporary patches that may lead to a catastrophic failure at the most inconvenient times. TyrannoTech will help you identify the root of any technology problems and generate an action plan so you know exactly what you're dealing with and how to deal with it.

Emergency Services

Has your computer suddenly crashed? Perhaps there has been an accidental spill on your laptop. It's the middle of the night and the project that you've been working on has come to a halt because your computer is refusing to cooperate? TyrannoTech will come to you or offer remote assistance 24/7 so that you can be up and running as soon as possible. We do what we do best so that you can too.

Security & Virus Removal

Sometimes the antivirus software you've purchased just won't get rid of a stubborn virus. Or perhaps your device has contracted a bug that won't even allow you to use it. TyrannoTech can help you remove those stubborn viruses and make sure that future attacks are prevented properly. We'll work with you to ensure that you're safe and protected when browsing the web or downloading content.

Data Backup & Recovery

When computers crash and fail, your data such as family photos, work documents and music collection is at risk of being lost. TyrannoTech helps you find the best backup option for you and your devices so that you can have peace of mind. Has your device already malfunctioned and you can't get the data that you need? We can help you recover your data from computer hard drives, tablets and smart phones.

New Computer Setup

Thinking of getting a new computer? TyrannoTech can help you decide on which device is right for you, as well as set it up professionally so that it integrates with your existing network and works with your existing devices. We also do setups and installations of printers, smart TVs, security systems, phone systems and much more.

Wireless Networks

TyrannoTech can help you set up your new wireless network and ensure that your setup is protected and running at maximum efficiency. Does your current setup have deadzones? Don't know why you have wifi in the living room but not the bedroom? We'll run diagnostics, make recommendations on hardware and perform the installation from wiring to setting up your devices for connectivity.

Business Solutions

Businesses run at their best when their IT/Network infrastructure, communications and data servers are optimized to their full potential. Many organizations experience difficulties and downtime in at least one of these areas, which prevents them from operating at the best that they can. TyrannoTech can help your business or organization by recommending hardware and software that is right for it, as well as implement and custom build solutions for any problem it may be facing. Our support team will make sure any transition goes smoothly from training personnel to use our new implementations to remote monitoring and management of your business technology.


TyrannoTech can help your business set up its IT Infrastructure from the ground up. We do everything from wiring ethernet and phone lines, server and firewall setup to installing computers, phone lines, copiers and more. We'll also install and optimize your organization's wifi for full coverage, as well as create separate networks for personnel and guests for added security.


Every organization's communications should be streamlined and efficient. We excel at setting up and implementing new communications systems for organizations, such as comopany wide email systems with message auditing, company cloud file and data servers for access anywhere and VoIP phone systems, video conferencing systems and text message alert systems.


We can set up your company's physical security such as security cameras, RFID lock doors and alarm systems as well as digital security with firewalls, antivirus solutions and user authentication solutions.


TyrannoTech can implement or custom build an intranet solution for your company's internal communications, client relations management (CRM), company-wide file sharing, order processing systems and much more.

Data Services

Your data is valuable, so protect it with TyrannoTech's data services. We offer off-site synchronized backups at custom time intervals, on-site backup redundancies and cloud interfaces to access your data from anywhere. We can also build your organization a customized interface for back-end management of data and/or front-end presentation of data to your customers or clients.


TyrannoTech offers general technology consulting services to help your organization identify possible security flaws, potential opportunities for growth through the use of technology, solutions to streamline your current technological capabilities for organizational optimization and much more. Don't know what equipment or technology to buy? We can help with that as well.

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